iTrail App Reviews

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Good App and a great price

Did a 10mi run with it this morning so I have a few observations and a couple of suggestions. According to the instructions you must keep the iPhone on never lock (not sure about other Apps but Pandora will continue in lock mode). I was also using as an iPod so was a little concerned about battery life but it made through. Well over all iTrail works. Would like to see a timer (it seems to only show the time the Trail name was created and not when you actually start). For some reason the map shows from my house (as the crow flies) to where I stared running even though it wasnt running. I did create the trail at my house. At the start the altitude and speed had a couple of of spikes. Also I’m not sure if it could be done but an auto pause would be nice. When you stop moving for so many seconds (5 ,maybe) to pause and then auto resume when you start moving agin. I had to stop for 6 red lights and a restroom break and would like to have that time netted out with an auto pause feature. It could use a little polish and a few options features but for the first version and for only $3 it’s a must buy for any runner, hiker, biker and walker. It actually should be rated 4 1/2 stars.

Close-to-perfect tracking.

I used this application to track myself on a run. It worked quite well--was very accurate and matched other assessments I use to track my distance and speed. Since its been out for only a day, its difficult to assess its long-time usefulness. There are plenty of features missing, but we can expect the app to grow as new features are added. This was obviously written by an experienced developer. Its quite well put together. (In fact, I believe this is the written by the same "Justin Davis" who wrote British Airways App and the copious use of British English in the documentation, such as "whilst", seems to further point to that likelihood.) The Google Maps feature is great--it showed an accurate map of where Ive run, sans a few zig-zags I made across the road. Also nice is that your map info is not uploaded to a "cloud" which I know Run Keeper, another App set to come out soon, will do. Uploading to a server isnt necessarily a bad thing, but this additional complexity adds developer time (and therefore cost) to the application. I have only a couple of complaints: Using iPod functionality is a little bit difficult (i.e., skipping to the next track). But the nice thing is that if you accidently close the app, you can continue tracking yourself by quickly switching back and starting again. Also, adding a new trail is just a little unintuitive at first. Itd be nice if the MyTrails and New Trails tabs could be combined somehow (perhaps by using the "+" in the upper right hand corner as other apps do).

Nice app, there could be some minor improvements so it only gets 4 stars

This is a great little app. It offers you the most important information and seems to be very accurate. I took it cycling about 18 miles and it was surprisingly accurate, it only cut of a couple of corners on the whole route. It is nice to be able to look at the locations on the given trail afterwards and see, how I slowed on a climb or how fast i was going on a particular decent, although it was hard to nail down a given location. It might be nice to be able to click on a location and have it jump to the map view indicating that location. I would like to export this to the cloud because I would like to do more with it like add a trail to bikely for example. I would like to see extreme outligers excluded from the graph (perhaps show them but drop them from the line, for example I had several instances where I got a reading of altitude 0 when I am at about 4500 feet. And finally, although I am a geek at heart with my Iphone mounted on my handlebars, I dont really care about the longitde and latitued of a given point, possibly allowing a customized display with something like average speed( since you have distance and time) or data from an external source (like a plugin for my polar HR monitor) would be really cool.

Back to the drawing board

Blech. I want a refund. There should be a zero star option.

Dont buy.

Walking out the front door netted me 0.4 miles. Then 6 blocks added another 2 miles. The altimeter showed a steadily decreasing elevation as I walked up a steep hill. Wildly inaccurate is an understatement.

Great but still needs updates

So I have been waiting for this application for some time, and reading others reviews I was sceptical. But in the end, this app does great. Here are the pluses and minues: Pluses: - easy/clean interface - map does track well and accurate, only sometimes cutting corners. - shows distance vs. speed and speed vs. altitude. Minuses: - cannot compare the same train when running it more than once. - cannot pause your run/bike when stopping. - must keep iphone app running. (apples fault) - sometimes you must reset at the start of your run to make the distance start at 0.0miles. - sometimes the mph readings are buggy. -needs to say how long your run/bike was at the end in a simple way. Now it may seem like a lot of bugs but this app actually does do what it intends well and is worth buying. With udates and bug fixes this could be a GREAT application. A great 3$ buy for any runner, biker, swimmer, ect.

Great ideas, needs improvement.

I really wanted this app to work. I was so hopeful that bought it right away. Please come out with updates soon. What I would like to see is constant gps tracking instead of every ten seconds. The automatic default iTrail option does not work very well. No one really cares about the background picture either. It seems like a few minor tweaks could make this an excellent application.

Brutal-Wait for the next major revision.

I had high hopes for this app as did a few others it appears. Its pretty much a waste of a few dollars. As a quick test I did a drive to my lunch spot and tried to capture it. Essentially it didnt work. It jumps wildly 10mph at a time in either direction. Even coasting at a constant speed. It cut off capturing my route after about 60 seconds, So I had to start a new one. Neither route show the proper locations on google maps. One cool feature is it will upload a .KML file to your google docs account which you can import into Google Earth. Too bad the routes are not properly captured. Also a small note, I couldnt get my google earth to import the native file even after downloading and removing the .txt extension it makes. I had to copy and paste the contents into a .txt file then rename it for it to properly import into Google Earth. Hopefully a new update will address these issues.

Works well

I havent had any problems with it. There are a few glitches though. 1) It doesnt seem to find my location until I hit START. Then it takes about 30 seconds for the GPS to track. If you hit RESET then restart it, it works just fine. I dont think its location aware until you actually hit START, but this gives you 30 seconds of useless data. 2) Speeds are still erratic (version 1.1). When Im running, its typically 7.5 mph (8 min/mile). This will show me somewhere between 4-10 mph (Im not doing intervals). 3) It needs a stopwatch. 4) There should be a way to fast forward through songs. If you go out to the iPod, this app stops collecting. Justin provided a very quick and effective update between 1.0 and 1.1. Lets hope he keeps up the great support.

Revision: Works quite well!

I had to change my opinion after the update - now the program works perfectly! Great program, great price. Buy!!!

Excellent App. Highly Recommend

I love this app. For me, it does exactly what it says it does. I use it when I cycle and I love that it tracks my ride (distance, speed, path). It even stores the ride. I have found it to be extremely accurate especially with the 1.1 updated. There are a few things missing that would be nice including a stop watch and showing the distance when you restart a saved path. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend if you like to track your workouts.

Great app!!!!!!

This app does exactly what I had hoped it would do. I cant wait to see all of my mountain bike rides on Google Earth. My only request in a future update would be an elapsed time versus a start time. Its apps and the hard work these developers put into them that justified my leaving my other carrier.

Excellent App

After reading reviews of this app and knowing what other apps are out there I decided to drop the $2.99, and I can say it is worth every penny. I will recommend to everybody to spend $2.99 for this app.

Incorrect reporting of time, distance, altitude and speed

Not ready for prime time in any way. This program is also incompatible with changing songs while listening to music as it dumps you out of tracking mode. There really needs to be an ability to test apps (for free) as this is pure Beta.

A wonderful tool.

Its not perfect. For $2.99, Im not expecting perfection. To be honest though, most of the problems seem to be hardware, not software related. For some reason, my driveway appears about a block away on my iPhones GPS and iTrail picks up the same error. Hey Apple can we fix this? After I get moving, the data becomes much more accurate. The tracking is within feet of my actual locations and the times are great. I have stopped and restarted the app when I drop my son and his bike trailer at school and it picks up again just fine. I also love the data export. Its so cool to come home and plot this stuff on Google Earth. I just updated to 1.2 and I cant wait to see the improvements.

Not there yet...

Nice idea for a program but... If your phone rings, iTrails cuts out. If you receive mail, iTrails cuts out. If your iTunes needs a selection, iTrails cuts out. Often starts off with .26 miles or more making accuracy suspect. Has tracked me walking at 11 mph (I wish!). Given that this needs a iPhone G3 to work and a G3 receives phone calls, emails, and is an ipod, this application is lacking and should not be charging $ AND should be refunding the monies it has collected.

Nice version 1.2 update - awaiting 1.3

Downloaded 1.1 and was frustrated. V1.2 addresses most of these concerns nicely. Someone suggested a link with a heart rate monitor (bluetooth comes to mind), which makes nice sense but I wonder about the ability to integrate with proprietary brand-name monitors. Generally, folks, comments without stating the version number are confusing and misleading.

V1.2 works well, good for price

Seems accurate, I walked with the phone in my pocket and it gave me good results. As a feature suggestion I would like to be able to set weekly distance goals and get reports. That would make it more useful as an exercise tracking tool. This app is a good value for the price.


This app does not work AT ALL. You press start, and before you move, youve already gone 2 miles. You reset, and it seems like its pretty accurate, but my last 5 mile run came in at 7.93mi. I dont get it....GPS running software has been around for years. It cant be this inaccurate.

Works great in boring flat Phoenix

I am using v1.2 - I have not downloaded 1.3 yet. There are not too many bells and whistles, although the seem to be on the way. It tracked my runs nearly perfectly. I have a garmin 301 and a garmin 205 and it showed my tracks on google earth exactly, right down to street crossings. The speed indication bumped around on the display, but Im not really too concerned about my instantaneous speed readings and it all got sorted out in the end. Perhaps the 5 second sampling will even things out - perhaps some smart filtering, rolling average or something could also help. If the gps readings are going to bounce around a bit, it is up to the software to deal with it - blaming it on the hardware as some of the other gps software people have done is a bit of a cop out until youve tried to overcome it. I havent tried integrating with Sport Tracks via gpx export/import but if that works I will be a very happy runner indeed. The KML export certainly worked well. Looking forward to future updates but am very happy with the results.